About Sa-Dhan

Sa-Dhan has about 220 members working in 33 states/UTs and over 600 districts, which includes both, for Profit and Not for Profit MFIs, SHG promoting institutions, banks, rating agencies, capacity-building institutions etc. Sa-Dhan’s members with diverse legal forms and operating models, reach out to approximately 44 million clients with loan outstanding of more than ₹1,27,801 crores. Sa-Dhan is also recognized as a National Support Organization (NSO) by National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM).

Goals of Sa-Dhan

The Goal of Sa-Dhan is to develop, promote and support ecosystems of Impact Financing institutions which enable Inclusive Growth, equity, gender equality and sustainable development in the society and for which undertake, support and facilitate the following:

    1. Provide common platform for advocacy, representing different models and approaches to Inclusion with focus on microfinance in India and elsewhere in the world.

    2. Function as SRO of choice, focusing, representing and protecting interest of all stakeholders in microfinance ecosystem including customers, lenders, regulators.

    4. Support and address gender issues, with a focus on women empowerment. Act as a catalyst from financial inclusion to digital inclusion and Inclusive Growth of Bottom of Pyramid clients.

    5. Be a catalyst and contribute to social development goal of the country. Work, support and facilitate issues of global and national interest like climate change, compliance to ESG etc.

    6. Enable action research, development of tools and resources that facilitate dialogue and synergy of best practices between different operating models and stake holders.


To promote and foster inclusive impact finance institutions to support low income households, particularly women, to achieve stable livelihoods, improve their social and financial wellbeing and quality of life and fulfill Sustainable Development Goals.


Promoting an economically and socially empowered inclusive society