Sa-Dhan continuously and consistently engages with media both at national and state levels. The media engagements are from sector development perspective. Media has widely covered the sector. Regular updates were shared with media on policy announcements, sensitising media on the Credit Guarantee Scheme, Regulatory Framework for Microfinance loans, MFI operations, operational hazards of the sector, press meets were held in Manipur and Odisha. Sa-Dhan has been quoted by different media houses in more than 200 articles in the last one year. The team has been visibly aggressive on social media platform as well. Sa-Dhan worked tenaciously to identify trending stories about sector, fake news about the sector, response to media and/or netizen queries among others and has effectively used Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to narrate stories and position the Association as an organisation that is a repository of knowledge. Sa-Dhan is regarded as a thought leader and media regularly reaches out to the association for critical.