North India Regional Conference on Financial Inclusion - July 13 2023 at Chandigarh.


Members Zone

There is a Member Development & Support team in Sa-Dhan to cater to the exclusive service requirements of members in terms of information and other needs.

Please get in touch with Mr. Sandeep Rewari, Ph. 011 47174415, 09560055664, for any other clarification.


Membership in Sa-Dhan

1. Who can be a member of Sa-Dhan

    All Impact Finance institutions impacting the lives of the poor section of society can become members of Sa-Dhan. These include the following:

    1. Micro Credit Institutions: Microfinance Institutions that directly provide microfinance services to the poor. They include NBFC- MFIs, Other MFIs registered under Section 8 of Companies Act, Societies, cooperatives or any other legal form. Also, all types of micro lenders such as Commercial Banks, Small Finance Banks, Regional Rural Banks etc

    2. Lenders: Funders to microfinance institutions such as DFIs, Banks, Financial Institutions, NBFCs, Investors etc.

    3. Enablers: Capacity Building Organisations (CBOs), self-help group promoting institutions (SHPIs), Producer Organisation Promoting institutions, Technical Service Providers (TSPs), FINTECHS, Insurance Companies, Development Support Institutions, Business correspondents, Formal Networks/Channels supporting impact institutions

    4. Impact Institutions: All such institutions from within the country or abroad, who work for impact development in India. They include DFIs, institutions working on climate change, Sustainable Development Goals, ESG etc

2. Eligibility criteria for Membership

    1. Any organization working for the community development

    2. Those involved in the development of poor sections of the society / low income households

    3. Involved in impact activities linked to the bottom of the pyramid such as climate related issues, SDGs, ESGs etc

    4. Should be registered and regulated by any of the formal legal system in the country

    5. Institutions from abroad should have been working in India for over 2 years and have been adhering to the laws of the land

    6. The financial intermediary institutions should have been actively involved in various financial services for at least 2 years, which could be reduced under exceptional clause.

    7. Institutions engaged in mobilizing savings or lending directly to low-income households should have at least 5,000 such clients under their fold. A relaxation for the numbers could be considered

    8. Members shall comply with all norms of reporting and standards that the Association might recommend from time to time.

    9. All members shall adhere to Sa-Dhan’s Code of Conduct or any other directions / advisories issued from time to time.

3. Members’ Privileges

    Sa-Dhan involves all its members in the associational activities in the form of representation in the Board, Task forces, Special Committees formed on specific sectoral issues emanating from the Association’s engagement with the stakeholders depending on the representation and character of the member. Sa-Dhan secretariat provides the necessary support for members’ involvement. All members are eligible to be elected for the Board positions.

4. Benefits of becoming member of Sa-Dhan

    1. They get an access to the analytical reports and other publications from Sa-Dhan

    2. The issues of the members are escalated to appropriate authorities and they are given handholding support

    3. The sectoral policy advocacy with Government of India, State Governments, RBI, NABARD, SIDBI, MUDRA and any other authorities concerned to the same

    4. Arrange to bring lenders and borrowers at institutional level for getting funding support

    5. Can be part of delegations to various authorities

    6. Get capacity building support through training programmes, webinars, seminars, conferences, conclaves etc

    7. Be part of knowledge sharing of best practices, sectoral research and industry standards

    8. Be part of development projects being initiated by Sa-Dhan & key donors/technical experts across multiple functions i.e. affordable housing, renewable energy, technology enhancement, financial literacy, climate financing and other SDG goals

    9. Crisis management support & relief during political, climatic, regional emergencies

    10. Get a role in governance of Sa-Dhan being part of Board, Committees and Annual General Body

    11. For specified members, they can publicise being part of the Sa-Dhan SRO (Self Regulatory Organization) as required by RBI and avail of compliance & supervision checks under the most recent regulatory framework.

    12. As members of SRO, they get an access to funding support from lenders who such a clause.

    13. As SRO members they also get Sa-Dhan advisories, guidance notes & other associated benefits.

5. Renewal of Membership

    The membership of every member is subject to renewal on Annual basis. All existing members desirous of renewing their membership shall apply for renewal in the prescribed form available with the Association by 30 June of every year.