Multi stakeholder State Level WASH Workshop - 22nd December 2022, Jaipur


Annual Conference


About the Conference

The 17th Sa-Dhan conference held on 14 and 15 November 2022 was concluded with great satisfaction. More than 450 participants attended the conference and nearly 60 speakers from various areas of expertise participated in the panel discussions.  It was a moment of pride to all of us in the Sa-Dhan family that the  Conference was a big success and everybody appreciated the role played by the Sa-Dhan and its members. We thank you all for the same.  

The conference was a good occasion to meet many of our members and interact with them. The physical meeting happening after more than 2 years was a matter of relief and joy for all of us. Let’s hope to meet more often in such national events or regional/state level events in future. We request your complete support for Sa-Dhan in its future endeavors too.
As you are aware, we have presented a new face for Sa-Dhan in the Conference, by being more inclusive and impactful for our target clients, in the days to come. Without changing our basic DNA we have metamorphosed to be a new form by being more inclusive, by bringing all Impact Finance players in our fold. We want to address the issues that impact our target clients like issues related to climate change, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, complying with ESG requirements etc.along with credit and other financial services, in our way forward. We seek the support of all of you in this endeavour.
We have also joined hands with some of the entities for making the role of MFIs more meaningful and effective. Some of them are as under:
1. Equifax:  to develop a fraud exchange platform to avoid fraudulent borrowers in our business
2. TRST Score : to develop a human rating score, based on their behaviour with previous employers as well as their retail transactions and other behavioral patterns.. This will help build a good human resource for our business
3. NextGen Fintech: to do a pilot for adopting a ‘SIM inlay’ for converting the feature phones into smartphone type features  ( this is being done on a pilot in Karnataka,to start with)
4. Kaleidofin : with a new product called ‘Ki Cash’ for easy banking transaction for our members
5. HSBC : Imparting digital literacy ( the project will be piloted by Sa-Dhan)
6. Medoplus: To extend medical facilities to villagers ( being done on pilot in Eastern UP at present)
We hope you can make use of these services/ products to improve your business and better offerings to the clientele.

We are also in touch with  a major software provider in the microfinance industry to work out a cost efficient way of extending the best possible software facilities to MFIs, especially the smaller ones, who cannot afford to acquire such products due to cost. If the members are interested please let us know.

We once again thank you all for your support and hope to get these similar support in future to work to created Inclusive India


Previous Initiatives

Some of the themes of previous years were Two Decades at Paving Way for Financial Inclusion Propelling the Growth of the Informal Sector through Microfinance, Reinventing Inclusive Finance in The Digital Era, Reaching the Unbanked through the Digital RevolutionFinancial Inclusion on Path to Sustainable Development Goals etc. Many eminent speakers from the Government, RBI, NABARD, SIDBI, NHB, PFRDA, Banks and Financial Inclusion fraternity graced the conference.