NRLM recognizes Sa-Dhan as National Support Organization

    Dear Member

    Greetings from Sa-Dhan!

    We take great delight to inform you that NRLM has recognized Sa-Dhan as A "National Support Organization" to provide support to SRLMs for establishment of specialized institutions for Financial Services.

    As a part of the strategy to facilitate access to financial services for poor, DAY-NRLM is seting up specialized institutions for financial services delivery in the line of already working models. In the initial phase, some states have been identified for implementation. Currently SRLMs in these states are expected to conduct A Detailed Project Report for implementation. Sa-Dhan, as National Support Organization, is expected to give technical assistance to develop DPR and hand- hold the specialized institutions for financial service delivery.

    Sa-Dhan, as a sector building institution has always believed that, in order to bring financial services to the poor, there is a need of unified move by different instituions of different legal forms, size and models.

    We has been deeply engaged with the development of the SHGs and SHPIs. Apart from other studies/initiatives, Sa-Dhan's study on SHG federations and SHG rating tool has been widely accepted and applauded. Sa-Dhan is the key facilitator to bring the notification from RBI, to upload the SHG member level data on CIBs for client protection and investment risk management. We are also on the “SHG- Bank Linkage Program Strategic Advisory Board” formed by NABARD.

    Thank you for your continued support as we look forward to working closely with you in this this exiting new initiative!

    Warm Regards,

    P. Satish